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SCR888 Casino

Welcome to the world of slot casino games world! SCR888 just the new casino platform named 918Kiss in order to serve online casino player better with different casino experience and enjoyment online. 


918kiss online casino was formerly known as SCR888. After the upgrade, 918kiss increased their payouts, and not long ago a universal app was launched for all mobile versions. This universal app can be downloaded from both iOS and Android app stores.

918kiss online casino has over 130 online slot games with amazing features. Not only that, 918kiss apk  gives players rewards just for playing on the platform.

It is believed that 918kiss is the best online casino simply because it's a betting site that can satisfy all your casino betting preference. You can enjoy casino online games like Sic Bo, Baccarat, Poker, Slot Games and much more on 918kiss online casino.


918Kiss Wukong

If you are looking for a game you should play on 918kiss apk , you should try Wukong. The reason being it has high payouts most especially if you are lucky to hit the Monkey King, or if your luck shines and the Monkey King appears to fight the evil demons. If the Monkey King wins this demon, words will fail you to explain the payout.

Wukong has multiplayer feature which makes it more appealing. There are four characters you can bet on with Wukong. For each character, there are three slots under them. The characters, starting from the lowest are: the Bull (pays 5-7 times your bet), the Green Demon (pays 8-11 times your bet), the Chinese Lady (pays 14-20 times your bet) and the Monkey King which has the highest payout pays 28-40 of your bet.

918Kiss offers mobile slot games, which means you can be on your couch, your office or even on a train and be having fun with 918Kiss online casino. All what you need is your internet connection.

918Kiss has improved graphics which many players have testified to this. It has great slot games that come with amazing graphics and amazing animations to ensure that players are thrilled while placing their bets.

918kiss has many top games which might be a bit hard for you to place your bet. Some of these tope games are:

Highway Kings – has many colours to keep you entertained while placing your bet. It is a slot game with 5 reels and 9 paylines.

Captain Treasure – just as the name implies, expect nothing less.

Great Blue – has never ceased to amaze players. If you like high risk high reward stuff, then, this is for you.

918Kiss Bonus Bears – it has 5 reels and 25 paylines.


If you want a perfect online casino site to place your bet, look no further. 918kiss is the future of casino we are waiting for, below is the details information for 918kiss , 918kiss 2 .

About 918kiss 

The slot games term , 918kiss APK💋(also known as “Kiss918” or “Scr888”, some people search them as Kiss888 , 918kiss 2 ) so far is the most popular and  very hot demand slot games 🔥 , new mobile online slot game in Malaysia and Brunei. The game get promoted by P2W Club ( formly known as play2winclub)  since 2015.  Download 918kiss  apk  started getting well known for its convenience and simplicity on both Android and IOS apps version. The Game apps APK & IOS  are both offer for free download  .

Where You Can Download 918Kiss Apk & IOS Apps ?

Download a kiss918 apk can be easily done at P2w Club here. Now you can get your 918kiss apk download on your  Android or  IOS phone , any where in Malaysia or Brunei , so you can start enjoy and win the games here with P2W Club . 918kiss games list has higher win  rate and user friendly  interface, the 918kiss games is known to  both the youngest and old generation of Malaysians. 

With the raise of the popularity of 918kiss in Malaysia Online Casino. There are many company that try to make fake 918kiss apk kiosk , supplying 918kiss free credits and promising cash-outs as fast as possible, but you  needs to be careful of scammers who cheat users out of their money by giving fake promises for withdraws., they will give a lot of reason when not to withdrawal to you later.

Kiss918 Step-by-step Guides

The steps is not difficult for 918kiss from idendify, get your 918kiss  apk and download 918kiss on your mobile, You just need to have an Android or Apple phone with an internet connection to be able to play Official 918Kiss games here.  Top Up your  game credit for your account by contacting our customer services at 24/7 support.

How to register a 918Kiss account for free?

Here is few steps to get your free 918kiss account : 

First, you can register a Kiss918 personal dedicated account with our customer support helpline then we communicate via Whatsapp or WeChat .

Second,  get your 918kiss download to your mobile  for Android or iPhone

Third , purchase your kiss918  credits by banking into our respected accounts and showing your proof of purchase to our agents.

Fourth, open and launch the app , log in to check on your credits then play and play and bet on any game you want to enjoy.


Hot Topic : Win The 918KISS Jackpot 

Winning depends on your luck but we usually bet conservatively. Bet small and slow to slowly build your bankroll. Then bet bigger when you have enough to try and win. The pattern for the game is that if you bet big you win big but if you don’t have a large enough bankroll, you will still lose in the end.

Other games are easy to win. Games such as the slots are great games to start within getting small wins for you to pocket and build it larger. High win rates only come with a high bankroll. 

The amount of free credit you collect will affect how much you are able to bet before you lose it all. Keep betting large bets will give you a high chance of landing a big win.

Free Dafter Kiss918 /Kiss918 Online

Play only 1 type of game for a few hours to know its pattern. Keep playing to have a chance at getting free spins at Kiss918 certain games.

The amount of time you spent playing is also very important to ensure that you’ll be hitting the best win ratio. If you get on a losing streak at 918Kiss, stop for a bit and continue after having a good rest. Find your own technique and skill to beat the game. If you read the patterns right, you will end up winning so much more than you started with!

Best 918Kiss apk Online Slot Tips

How to Download Kiss918 Apk ?

You can contact our customer services to get the latest 918kiss download link or download from our page here. Just select the version you want to download to your phone depend on your mobile  operations system either android APK or iPhone ios. 

Who is P2W Club ?

P2W Club ( Formerly known as ) is one of the best live and Slot Game Company in Malaysia. We provide all mobile slot game register & reload services online.  With more than 5  years of company history, providing best in class services to customer. check our mission statement here。

What Is Kiss918 2 and Kiss888 ?

One fact to clarify here also is that, kiss918 2, Kiss918 2 or Kiss888 term, for 918kiss 2 or Kiss918 2, they are similar games with different on the services location, different winning rate, but almost have same games interface . Kiss888 is the original or official 918kiss games that people mentioned around. so if you are looking for Kiss888, you are landing the right place to start to play official 918kiss apk slot games. 

Method To Top Up A 918kiss Games Credit

You can top up the balance by contact with our support agent in your personal LiveChat.  we operate in 24/7  hours ready to services you.

How to withdraw 918kiss credit?

Once winning and you can get the credit to withdraw by messaging to our agent at any time. The Cuci speed is fast and easy. No additional charge.

One of the best online casino slot games in Malaysia and nearby countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. With the highest ratings and the best online games available for you to get your hands on to today in 918Kiss apk .

Just Kiss918 Alone is enough for you to have the best experiences you would need for a great online casino experience. 

There are many other online casino platforms available but no such games can be as good as Kiss918 ios or Kiss918 Android as the game comes compatible for both Apple and Android Phones.

You can try as many strategies as you would like but when it comes to gambling and online casino games such as SCR Kiss918, it would mostly depend on how lucky you are that day.

Kiss918 Download & Installation for both android and ios Versions

There are both android and apple versions of these games and you need to make sure you download and install the right one otherwise the game would not run.

#1 Go to download Kiss918 apk on an official website or link so you know that the copy of the file is an original copy.

#2 After downloading the file for the right phone, press install, and allow the installation of applications from external sources on your phone.

#3 Once the application installs itself, all you have to do is to login Kiss918 with your ID and Password that has been assigned to you, then you are ready to go.

918kiss free credit new member works for everyone? 

No, because legitimate Livemobile88 Operators do not give out kiss918 Kiosk credits for free.

Usually, only bonus credits are given and there is no such thing as free credits from a trusted online dealer of Malaysia because the game depends on gamers to keep it running.

Kiss918 Companies are allowed to give bonus credits to players too but players need to know that not all Agents or Companies can be trusted just because they give bonus credit.

Why this game offer player that a better gaming experience?

This is because Kiss918 Games are great for online players to have easy access to casino games and the gambling experience they have been looking for.

Generally, we recommend that you login game id through the original application so you would not experience any negative differences when compared to other methods of Logging in.

SCR Kiss918 Kiosk maintenance duration and downtime

Maintenance times are completed within a few days or 24 hours because the games operate in multiple countries and it will cycle a shutdown sequence depending on where and which server needs to have maintenance.

You will be able to play within one to two days at max after the maintenance is done and this is also done to ensure the safety of people on the platform.

Is there any difference between Kiss918 Android Download & ios?

There are no differences between each game and they both look and perform identical but the loading times may differ depending on the type of model of phone that is playing the game. Some phones with faster storage will load faster than phones with slower storage.

You will need to wait a few seconds on the older version of phones to get the game to load because the game is heavy and takes a lot of processing power from old phones. This might encourage you to get newer phones so your game can run faster and load up easier.

Does Kiss918 Free Download affect my phones? 

They will not affect your phones if you download the original version of the game client through the original website.

Different versions of the game can be downloaded from many different Kiss918 or 918Kiss websites but the most secure download is from the original site itself, once you get the original site download, you are guaranteed the safest mobile slot games on the market.

918Kiss Support

By P2w Club 🏆

918Kiss / Kiss918 Download APK IOS 2021-2021 

Rating: 4.90 stars based on 77181 reviews

Rated 4.9/5 based on 77181  reviews by Online Casino Players

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